R-BENT Member List

If you would like to be added to this list, send a brief bio to Bob McClure.
Note: the number next to your name is not your number; it is just for the purpose of seeing how many folks are on this list.
  1. John Akridge - E-Mail: jbadallas@home.com - Grand Prairie, TX, 214-923-3136 - Vision R54 SWB ASS with full suspension.
  2. Jim Anderson - E-Mail: senior_dba@yahoo.com - Dallas, TX, 214-320-3211 (home), 214-505-2041 (cell); - ATP Vision R44 SWB USS Full Suspension.
  3. Judy Archbold - E-Mail: parchbold@home.com - Richardson, TX 75080, 972-690-7884 - ATP Vision R40
  4. Peter Archbold - E-Mail: parchbold@home.com - Richardson, TX 75080, 972-690-7884 - ATP Vision R40
  5. Mack Avery - E-Mail: avery26@charter.net - Benbrook, TX, 817-249-9930 - '98 Rans V-Rex, BikeE AT, Rans Stratus.

  6. Jim Aylor - E-Mail: recumaylor@attbi.com - Garland, TX - ATP Vision R-45 SWB USS.

  7. Montie Aylor - E-Mail: m.aylor@attbi.com - Garland, TX - ATP Vision R-40 SWB USS.

  8. Roland Ballow - E-Mail: Ballowr@cs.com - Dallas, TX 75238; Phone 214-503-0552, - I recently bought a Bike E and have enjoyed it so far(first recumbent). Prefer slower and sight-seeing type rides. I am an RN at Presbyterian in Dallas. 54 years old.

  9. Stephen Barackman - E-Mail: esbee@1starnet.com - Paris, Texas - Sun trike. New to recumbents. We ride on the Trail de Paris hike/bike trail, which is very nice and mostly shaded.

  10. Susan Barackman - E-Mail: esbee@1starnet.com - Paris, Texas - I am looking for a recumbent. We ride on the Trail de Paris hike/bike trail, which is very nice and mostly shaded.

  11. Jim Barker - E-Mail: jbarker@sage.net - 7939 old highway 95, temple, tx 76502; 254-899-0846 - Trek R200

  12. George Barnaby - E-Mail: g.barn.33@att.net - Irving, TX, 972-869-1573 - Bike E. Enjoy 10 to 20 mile rides. Retired; can ride most any time. Wanted a used Rans Rocket, Rans Tailwind, or a Lighting thunderbolt.

  13. Bill Barnes - E-Mail: william.dyann.barnes@att.net - Wichita Falls, TX, 940-692-2754; - Black 2000 Lightning P-38, yellow 98 Vision R44

  14. Chuck Bayman - E-Mail: ckbay@mpsi.net - Garland, TX - Quetzal 105 speed, LWB, USS.

  15. Jeffrey Beamer - E-Mail: wesail@airmail.net - Coppell, TX - Recently purchased an ATP Vision R-44 short wheel base with front suspension. New to recumbents and am really enjoying cycling again.

  16. Dennis B. Beasley - E-Mail: dbeasley@alltel.net - Granbury, TX - (817) 910-2096 - Lighting P-38 rider since early 90's. Would like to have a F-40.

  17. Driscoll Bell - E-Mail: belldk@attbi.com - 817-472-8182 - ATP Vision R42 SWB USS.

  18. James Benningfield - E-Mail: jamesb@pixel.cirrus.com - Allen, TX - Upright.

  19. Julie Benningfield - E-Mail: jamesb@pixel.cirrus.com - Allen, TX - Bikee.

  20. Glenn Berger - E-Mail: gaberger@yahoo.com - Fairview, TX - 2000 Greenspeed Tandem Trike captain, 2000 Reynolds Nomad

  21. Tammy Berger - E-Mail: gaberger@yahoo.com - Fairview, TX - 2000 Greenspeed Tandem Trike stoker, 1999 Rans Vivo

  22. Paula Berlund - E-Mail: pberlund@gateway.net - Terrell, TX, 972.524.5385. - Rans Rocket, ASS, SWB.

  23. Kevin Bobb - E-Mail: smarternow@gmail.com - Albuquerque, New Mexico, 505-880-7034. - Zox front wheel drive, Hypercycle modernized, Cycle Genius ALX. If you ever get to Albuquerque, look us up. We have a great Bent club.

  24. David Boyd - E-Mail: bentheaddave@msn.com - Burleson, TX - I ride a Rocket and also have a Vision R40.

  25. Juddi Boyce - E-Mail: jboyce@nortexinfo.net - 1502 W. California St., Gainesville, TX 76240, 940-665-5469 - BikeE

  26. Rodger Boyce - E-Mail: rboyce@nortexinfo.net - 1502 W. California St., Gainesville, TX 76240, 940-665-5469 - BikeE

  27. Gary Bradford - E-Mail: g-gbradford@sbcglobal.net - Iowa Park, TX, 940-592-5590. - Optima Baron, Bacchetta Strada, Catrike 700, Scarabtrike

  28. Doug Brinson - E-Mail: crowleygent@me.com - San Antonio, TX, 210-883-7830 - Lightning Phantom, Rans Force 5 LX, Bike E - Ex road cyclists, now enjoy moderate bent rides and some touring.

  29. Deral Brown - E-Mail: wd.brown@cctc.net - De Leon, TX.

  30. Larry Brown - E-Mail: lbrown@bellhelicopter.textron.com - Fort Worth (Riverside), TX. - I've been interested in 'bents since the '80s. Finally broke down this year ('06) & bought a Cat trike (speed model). Why did I wait so long?

  31. Paul Brown - E-Mail: pbacoustic@aol.com - Richardson, TX, 214-923-9551, - Sun EZ-1AX, purchased April '05. In my late 40's -- Am new to recumbents and love it -- can keep a 12-14mph average, and have done one 40-mile rally so far.

  32. Bobby Browning - E-Mail: bbrowni2@oncorgroup.com - Arlington, Texas (Southwest Arlington), 817-561-7978; - Retired my Trek diamond frame and now ride a black Lightning Stealth.

  33. Glenn K. Broyles - E-Mail: gbroyles@ectisp.net - 1421 Ashford Lane, Midlothian, TX.

  34. Mark Bryan - E-Mail: mbryan2111@gmail.com - Huntington, TX, 936-422-9936 - 2001 RANS P-38. Climbs hills like a billy goat. Love it.

  35. John Buchner - E-Mail: john@jbuchner.org - 2420 E Lamar Blvd; Arlington, Tx 76006; 817-607-4560 - Trek R200.

  36. Lewis Campbell - E-Mail: limeylew@home.com - Benbrook, TX. - I ride a homebuilt (by me) USS LWB with a seven speed internal hub and coaster brake.

  37. Michelle Carr - E-Mail: maybethistime@yahoo.com - Richardson, TX, - BikeE

  38. Gary Cason - E-Mail: gycason@aol.com - Richardson, TX, 972-231-4199 - Rotator Pursuit, Burley Hepcat, BikeE E2 tandem

    L.D. Clark - E-Mail: biggsprocket@yahoo.com - Van Alstyne, TX - Vision R32 Compact LWB, Full suspension Above Seat Steering; Easy Racer LWB clone, Above Seat Steering, I think home built, purchased at a pawn shop many years ago. It rides GREAT

  39. John Clary aka Opus the Poet - E-Mail: opus_the_poet@juno.com - Garland, TX, - Antique RANS Stratus, 2 homebuilt SWB from BMX, Hunter DF, remains of a RANS Nimbus, large stack of "rescued" bikes from the curbside pickup used as spares.

  40. Robert Clark - E-Mail: rclark@sw.rr.com - Wichita Falls, TX 940-704-4043 - Haluzak Horizon. It is a great ride! Wouldn’t mind finding a Haluzak Hybrid Race recumbent. Previously rode a 1990 Merlin titanium road bike.

  41. Allen Clayton - E-Mail: aclayton@utdallas.edu - Irving, TX, - '98 Rans V-Rex, front suspension.

  42. Bill Cline - E-Mail: william.beauregard1@gmail.com - Grand Junction, Colorado, 970-433-7262. - 1999 Vision VR45.

  43. Dennis Close - E-Mail: dennisj@classicnet.net - Heath, TX, 972-722-0350, - Vision R54, SWB ASS, full suspension, recumbent since July, 2000.

  44. Dorita C. Coen - E-Mail: dccoen@attbi.com - Carrollton, TX - 972-394-7740 - 99 RANS Tailwind.

  45. Robert L. Coen - E-Mail: rlcoen@attbi.com - Carrollton, TX - 972-394-7740 - 99 RANS Rocket.

  46. Bill Coleman - E-Mail: bill.coleman@worldnet.att.net - Tour Easy in Dallas, TX and a Linear in Sioux Falls, SD.

  47. Mark Collins - E-Mail: Mark205095@aol.com - Garland, Tx. 75043; 972-240-7883; Homebuilt SWB streamliner.

  48. Johnny Conley - Garland, TX - (972) 226-7899 - Tour Easy.

  49. Gary Conrad - E-Mail: grilla@swbell.net - Fort Worth, Texas; 817-921-9469 - Easyracer EZ-1

  50. Jim Culver - E-Mail: revlucmij@gmail.com - Burleson, TX. - Catrike Expedition, Vision R-40 (LWB/ASS), BikeE RX XL.

  51. Neil Culver - E-Mail: nculver@verizon.net - Garland, TX. - Catrike Road, purchased from Ken Ward in early August '09, having a ball since.

  52. Wayne Darner - E-Mail: wdarner@swbell.net - Fort Worth - Tour Easy.

  53. Hal Davis - E-Mail:davis@planolaw.com - 972-881-1811 Plano, TX - Custom LWB ASS by Fools Crow/Organic Engines.

  54. Jenny W. Davis - E-Mail: srdavis@acm.org - Greenville, TX - ATP Vision.

  55. Sherry Davis - E-Mail: sdavis@sammonscorp.com - North Dallas, Richardson Area, TX - Vision R85 (Tandem Stoker); Vision R30 Metro.

  56. Betsy Dean - E-Mail: tcukd@msn.com - Plano, TX - Sun EZ-3 USX HD Trike. Bent newbie, looking for other beginners to ride with.

  57. Jimmy Dean - Mesquite, TX - Tour Easy.

  58. Tom Deans - E-Mail: tom@deanshome.com - Easy Racers Tour Easy and Lighting Stealth. If you have no rbent and want to give it a try, you are welcome to ride my spare.

  59. Dave DeKnight - McKinney, TX, - ATP Vision R-54.

  60. Vicky DeKnight - E-Mail: monkeywrangler22@gmail.com - McKinney, TX, - RANS V-Rex.

  61. Ray deMilliano - E-Mail: ray.de@cwix.com - Waco, TX. Been 'bent since '92. Early model Infinity, LWB, USS recumbent - like a Timex, it has taken a beating but keeps on ticking. Currently "window shopping" for new bike, maybe Rans or suspended Vision.

  62. Jeannette Dempsey - E-Mail: jdempsey@cableone.net - Texarkana - EZ-1

  63. John Dempsey - E-Mail: jdempsey@cableone.net - Texarkana - I'm a bent rider since 1979, seriously since 1995. I'm currently riding a '99 Tour Easy after putting 14,000 + on the '93 model. Member of Texarkana Bicycle Club; we have 11 bents in the club.

  64. Bob Dillard - E-Mail: wildlife@writeme.com Web page: R-BEST - Refugio, TX; phone 512-526-2977 - Red Aerolope fully faired, Linear sonic, Via Cycles lwb uss.

  65. John Dorrill - E-Mail: john@johndorrill.com Web page: FB - Fort Wayne, IN, 260-471-3103; - Vision R-40 + SWB Vision R-40 Convertable LWB-SWB

  66. Alfred DuBose - E-Mail: dubose55@aol.com - The Woodlands, TX; - Lightning P-38. Just getting my legs built up for riding a recumbent, but already my biggest fun is when riding in large organized rides how the upright riders look when I sprint past them while drinking water and saying "how y'all doin". Really big hills are an obstacle, but I'm getting stronger. I ride the MS150 so if anyone wants to sponsor a rider I would be honored to be the one sponsored. I have a page on the MS Society page so no money would be sent to me.

  67. Gary Dunn - E-Mail: WeekNPilot@aol.com - Coppell, TX; - Vision R-44.

  68. Bart Dysart - E-Mail: bartech1@airmail.net - Garland, TX - I have a 69" lwb uss homebuilt

  69. David Eggleston - E-Mail: dmeengr@nwol.net - Midland, TX; - 1995 Vison R-40 erector set bike; 1997 Vision R-40 practical bike, fully faired with Ed Gin Coroplast fairing (See RCN #63), Europeans call this a velomobile; 2000 Rans Screamer (about to be fully faired); Mercian wedgie tandem. Have ridden 1500 mi. per year for the last three years on the velomobile for around-town errands. I only buy gas for my car about every 2 months. Retired engineering professor & aerodynamics type, HPVA member; we look forward to week and longer tours.

  70. Barbara Eckenfels - E-Mail: Pugluver4848@yahoo.com - Spring, TX; - EZ Sport, "Refurnished" RANS Nimbus. Riding recumbents for 10 years. Leisurely rider, ride bike paths in the Woodlands but bought the Nimbus hoping I can ride a little faster with groups. If you are in the Houston area and want to ride, shoot me an email.

  71. Lois Eggleston - E-Mail: dmeengr@nwol.net - Midland, TX; - 2000 Rans Rocket (learning to ride it), 2000 Rans Screamer tandem stoker, Mercian wedgie tandem stoker also. I am a confirmed tandem enthusiast.

  72. Mike Eggleston - E-Mail: mikee@mikee.myip.org - Fort Worth, TX - Greenspeed GTR 20/20, Suspended Vision R-45 (for sale), USS, Zzipper fairing

  73. Mark Eichenberger - E-Mail: MarkEichenberger@yahoo.com - Richardson, TX; 972-907-8541 - Catrike Expedition, Bacchetta Bella

  74. Jim Emmert - E-Mail: jim@horsetechnics.com - 972.867.8133 - Bacchetta Strada

  75. Lucille Enix - E-Mail: alenix@earthlink.net - Dallas, TX - Easy Racers Ti Gold Rush Replica, Rans Vivo.

  76. John H. Everett - E-Mail: bigeasy@mac.com - Dallas, TX - Rans Vivo and Earth Cycles Dragonflyer trike.

  77. Dianna Fain - E-Mail: dfain99@yahoo.com - Irving, TX, - EZ-1 AX and a Lightning Thunderbolt. New to the SWB so I'm still learning the balancing act.

  78. Bernie Farmer - E-Mail: b-farmer@sbcglobal.net - Bedford, TX, 817-283-7062, - (Feb 06) Just bought a new Rans Stratus, I'm 68 and this is first recumbent and I'm having a little bit of a hard time handling this thing because it is so different.

  79. Charlie Ferrell - E-Mail: cferrell@airmail.net - Corsicana, TX 98 Rans VRex

  80. Diane Ferrell - E-Mail: cferrell@airmail.net - Corsicana, TX 98 BikeE

  81. Pete Ferron - E-Mail: pferron@airmail.net - Carrollton, TX, - 2001 Burley Django--outstanding bicycle

  82. Andy Floyd - E-Mail: afloyd@mesquiteisd.org - Mesquite, TX, 972-285-0072, - HPVelotechnik Speedmachine

  83. Drew Floyd - E-Mail: afloyd@mesquiteisd.org - Mesquite, TX, 972-285-0072, - Sun Speedster

  84. Art Foley - E-Mail: artfully_had@hotmail.com - 5900 NW Radial #306, Omaha, NE. 68104; 402-552-0569 - Maxam Reveille; presently a member of Team Newbie. True I might live in the North, where there is snow and ice on the ground, but I do enjoy riding my recumbent.

  85. Bob Frank - E-Mail: bfrank1@airmail.net - Richardson, TX - (972)783-8069 - Vision R45 USS SWB Full suspension.

  86. Joey Frazor - E-Mail: joey@frazor.com - Arlington, TX - Cycle Genius ATX20^2 and a Catrike 700

  87. Carl Garrett - E-Mail: carlgarrettamazingpromise@gmail.com. - ATP Vision VR-40 SWB USS on and off since 1997. - Tyler, TX 75706, 903-920-3416 cell.

  88. Allison Gessner - Post Falls, ID; Trek hybrid.

  89. *Mark Gessner - Post Falls, ID; BikeE CT (lowracer conversion) Bent rider since May 1993.

  90. Ted Glover - E-Mail: tg@tedglover.com - (WA4SBM) - Plano, TX - I have previously owned a RANS Stratus and a CATRIKE Road. I'm currently riding a Bacchetta Giro but I am starting the search for a Tour Easy GRR to replace the Giro. I am enjoying the ride!

  91. Charles T. Gonzales - E-Mail: Rbentryder@aol.com - Dallas, TX 75206, 214-403-1104 - Vision R42 LWB-USS

  92. James Graham - Email: tryker@speednet.com - Chillicothe, Texas, 940-839-5265 - 05 Catrike Speed, Vision R-42 Full Suspension, BuddyCycle. Have completed the MS150 ride in 04, 05, & 06 on Catrike Speed, Also do Aledo, Hotter 'N Hell, Vernon Burnin and Muenster rides. Wife likes to ride the BuddyCycle with me around town. See also my web page.

  93. Don Grammar - Email: dgrammar@mckinneytexas.org - Whitewright, TX; 972-547-7591 - ATP Vision R44, ATP DoubleVision R85 Captain, BikeE FX

  94. Melanie Grammar - Email: mgrammar@texoma.net - Whitewright, TX; 903-364-5387 - ATP DoubleVision R85 Stoker

  95. David Graumann - Email: david.graumann@usa.net - McKinney, TX, 972-548-1811 - 98 Rans V-Rex, RCN Subscriber.

  96. Leo Roderick Guajardo, II - Email: Lhard11@juno.com - Dallas (Oak Cliff), TX, 214-941-8044 - Tour Easy. 1999 two wheel drive Sidewinder Cycle Pro-Cruiser Plus Trike with dual steering and dual brakes.

  97. Dan Hammack - E-Mail: hammack@seas.smu.edu - Dallas, TX - Homebuilt Bentech SWB ASS Homepage

  98. Joanne Hampton - Email: johampton@home.com - Grand Prairie, TX, 972-262-1626 - '99 Red XL CT BikeE.

  99. Scott Hanes - Email: hanes.scott@gmail.com - Hooks, TX - Burley Hepcat

  100. Phil Hanus - Email: jphanus@comcast.net - ATP Vision R-42 USS, RANS Tailwind. I have been riding a bent since about April 1998.

  101. John Harper - Email: JHarper905@aol.com - Wichita Falls, TX; - Black HPVelotechnik SWB with USS. Please remove the disc brake, fenders and crank guard from the picture at the web site and you get the idea. The full suspension helps with comfort and that is why I "got bent" in the first place!

  102. Kim Harris - E-Mail: kimme01@sprynet.com - Dallas, TX - Ligntning Stealth. It's Great Fun.

  103. Roger Harrison - E-Mail: rogerah1@airmail.net - Irving, TX - ATP Vision R42 swb uss. R-BENT Tours.

  104. Jerry Hedstrom - E-Mail: jhedstrom@crosswinds.net - 2304 Huntington Dr; Plano, TX 75075 - I build and ride a full suspensoin SWB. We also have a LWB home built and a RANS Rocket.

  105. John Henbest - E-Mail: jmhenbest@attbi.com - Plano, TX - Vision R-85 tandem

  106. Sandy Henbest - E-Mail: jmhenbest@attbi.com - Plano, TX - Vision R-85 tandem

  107. Barbara Hess - E-Mail: hess@rsn.hp.com - Plano, TX - Rans Screamer, ATP Vision Metro.

  108. Chloe Hess - E-Mail: hess@rsn.hp.com - Plano, TX - Burley Trailer.

  109. Kiera Hess - E-Mail: hess@rsn.hp.com - Plano, TX - Burley Piccolo.

  110. Mark Hess - E-Mail: hess@rsn.hp.com - Plano, TX - Rans Screamer, ATP Vision R-40 SWB USS.  We view our bikes as alternative transportation. We currently almost exclusively ride the multiuse trails in Plano and the organized rides many weekends during the spring and summer. If we have the option, we patronize businesses that are on or near the trails and bike ride to them for our transactions. Family Train: Mark and Barbara on Rans Screamer with Kiera on Burley Piccolo trailer bike attached to Screamer with Chloe in Burley trailer attached to the back of Kiera's trailer bike.

  111. Bart Hiatt - E-Mail: bart@bartworks.com - East TX, 903-725-5985; - I'm riding a three wheeler, one of my designs sold as the "Chaise 3". In the process of building myself a SWB. Would be interested in a long ride, NON EVENT. Also open to questions from any aspiring home-builders.

  112. Sharon Hodges - E-Mail: skayhodges@aol.com - Rowlett, TX, 972-463-8711 (home); - Purchased my first Bent June '07, a Sun EZ-1. Still a beginner (rode 400 miles since June) but rode 20 miles in Rockwall's Hot Rocks last summer. Love it, but would like to sell mine and get one with a bigger back wheel! I like slower rides (10-13 mph) since I'm still new at this! Work 1/2 days in morning; 57 years old.

  113. Michael L. Hoenig - Work E-Mail: hoenig.michael@pathology.swmed.edu or home E-Mail: Greenspeed.Pilot@rbent.org - Greenspeed GTR2020 trike - Allen, TX

  114. Tammy Hoenig - E-Mail: tshoenig@ticnet.com - Inherited Michael's first Greenspeed GTR2020 trike ("the green one") - Allen, TX

  115. Darrell Holmes - E-Mail: dgholmes59@earthlink.net - Stephenville, TX - '06 Sun EZ Sport CX.

  116. Jerry Horn - E-Mail: j.horn@charter.net - North Richland Hills, TX - Been riding for fifteen years road and mountain bikes. Now I am enjoying the comfort of a Lightning Stealth. Retired and ready to ride anytime.

  117. Rickey Horwitz - E-Mail: rhorwitz@austin.rr.com - Austin, TX - Spitfire recumbent trike. Owner of Hell-bent Cycle Works in Austin. I offer trikes for sale, do custom work, and sell parts and accessories for bent trikes.

  118. Chris Howell - E-Mail: howelljourney@aol.com - Copper Canyon, TX; (home) 940-455-2402, (Cell) 214-437-9162; - Tour Easy since 2004 but considering selling it and buying or trading for a trike. I am 62 years old, retired and in process of rehabilitating a knee that was replaced in November 2009. I am interested in meeting bent riders in Denton County (Argyle, Highland Village, Flower Mound area).

  119. James Hyles Jr. - E-Mail: James.Hyles@teexmail.tamu.edu - College Station, TX; - Easy Racers Sport model for me and an EZ-1 for my wife. I enjoy cycling and if anyone is interested in riding some of these great areas in College Station, let me know.

  120. Brian L. Ingraham - E-Mail: bingra@coair.com - 12134 Glenway Drive, Houston, TX 77070, 713-324-8506 (Wk); - LINEAR Mach III (CLWB, USS, mine), LINEAR Mach III (my daughter's), Bike E CT (my son's).

  121. Michael D. Jackson - E-Mail: windbike@aol.com - Granbury, TX - Lightning P38, Lightning F40; 'bent rider since June 92.

  122. Kenny James - Garland, TX - (972) 278-8366 - Tour Easy.

  123. Al Jameson - E-Mail: Jameson.al@gmail.com - Fort Worth, TX 817-845-0510 - Sun Tadpole, Burley Jett Creek, Sun Delta Trike. If the last two sell, want to buy a Catrike Road or Terratrike Tour or similar. We ride downtown Ft. Worth and Trinity Trails.

  124. John Jarzabski - E-Mail: johnjski@comcast.net - North central Arlington, TX - RANS Rocket. I ride at River Legacy Park every Thursday @ 4pm.

  125. Carl E Jones - E-Mail: carl@carlejones.com - Dallas, TX - 214-674-0681 - Sun EZ-Tad SX. Just got the bent and love it. Also ride a Specialized Roubaix Comp. Only been riding about a year, (this time around). Look forward to riding on my bent often!

  126. Ralph Kelley - E-Mail: rskelley2001@netzero.net - Voice 972-772-3981 - Rockwall, TX - 1995 custom Haluzak short wheelbase (SWB) underseat steering (USS) recumbent. This particular cycle has a frame that is customized for a large person (oversize tubing, longer crank boom) and then assembled with high grade components (XT, XTR, King and similar). 20" front, 26" rear wheels.

  127. Scott Kilgore - Dallas area, TX, 972-252-4920 - Tour Easy with a custom composite fairing I've been riding since '96. I also have a beautiful Cannondale road bike that's gotten about 150 miles put on it, because of the Tour Easy. I am interested in moderate to fast (16-20 mph) rides of, say 20-40 miles. I only log about 1000 miles a year nowadays, a far cry from what I used to do. I am interested in getting a Windcheetah. Does anyone have one around here that I could look at, and possibly ride?

  128. Jane Knight - E-Mail: puglong@aol.com - Crosby, TX - I have three Catrike 700's, two Catrike Speeds, and a TerraTrike Tandem Pro. Four of these trikes have BionX.

  129. Michael Kohutek - E-Mail: onderonk@yahoo.com - Arlington, TX - Vision VR40 LWB USS.

  130. Ken Krause - E-Mail: kkrause@sbcglobal.net - Arlington, TX, 817-468-7830 - 2001 Rans Tailwind. I hadn't owned and seldom ridden a bicycle in over 20 years until I bought my first recumbent one year ago.

  131. Susan Krueger - E-Mail: Susuk@juno.com - Lewisville, TX - Bent wanna be.

  132. Nathan Langer - E-Mail: mitzvah18@comcast.net - East Brunswick, NJ (Honorary Texan :-) - I ride a Linear Mach III OSS, Trek R200, S&B Malibu, and I am getting a Lightning Stealth

  133. Dave Larson - E-Mail: sdofd@msn.com - Valley Ranch, TX - Lightning P-38.

  134. Donnie Larson - E-Mail: dlarson@larcom.com - 9707 Valley Lake Court, Irving, TX 75063, 972-506-0185. - Rans Velocity Squared. I've ridden in the Texas AIDS Ride (1st one) and have created my own 100 mile ride benefit for Walt Whitman Community School. Would like to meet more R-BENT riders around Dallas willing to lead a couple of rides. I'm a gear head, trying to understand gear inches and half step gearing. Love to talk bikes, technically as well as roads, rides, and tours. Want to to do a 2 or 3 day ride completely on bike and tents, no support. Looking for a few who would to as well.

  135. Camm Lary - E-Mail: claryjr@tstar.net - P. O. Box 456, Burnet, Texas 78611 - I have ridden a V-Rex for about 4 years. My wife and I purchased a Rans Screamer (recumbent tandem) last year. She loves it, so most of my rides are on this now.

  136. Cletus Lee - E-Mail: cletus@clee.org - Bellaire, TX - P-38/F-40 Lightning Voyager, Bacchetta Giro - Web Page

  137. John Lenio - E-Mail: jlenio@juno.com - McKinney, TX - Bike E with 63 spd, suspension. Became a bent rider April 2000. Rode MS-150 & Hotter N Hell.

  138. Mark Leuck - E-Mail: m.leuck@comcast.net - Valley Ranch, TX 75063, 972-501-0380 - ATP Vision R50 Full Suspension and Optima Baron.

  139. Rob Levy - E-Mail: rhlevy@aol.com - Dallas, Texas 75225; 214.696.2084 - Age 53, former uprighter now on a Greenspeed GTR 20/20 trike.

  140. Jon Lindgren - E-Mail: jon@panaband.com - Lightning P-38 and R-84 bikes, Prosper, TX

  141. Roy Longcrier - E-Mail: roy_longcrier@hotmail.com - Wichita Falls, TX - black Wishbone Dual 700 w/tailbox; blue Organic Engines Daisy Mayhem Tandem with my son.

  142. Jerry Lobdill - E-Mail: lobdillj@ticnet.com - Fort Worth, TX - Blue Lightning Tailwind (by Gene Lemle, Swanton, OH), LWB, USS.

  143. Chris Mann - E-Mail: chris@mannphoto.com - Irving, TX, - Rans V-Rex.

  144. Alvadean (Dean) Marcho - E-Mail: marcho@Bible.acu.edu - 725 Gary Lane; Abilene, TX 79601; 915-677-6623; - Stoker for the BikeE E2 tandem.

  145. Bob Marcho - E-Mail: marcho@Bible.acu.edu - 725 Gary Lane; Abilene, TX 79601; 915-677-6623 - home; 915 -674-3735 - office; - BikeE E2 tandem. Rebuilding an old Tour Easy homebuilt. With 3 1/2 GRANDchildren in the D/FW area, trips to the metroplex are becoming more common all the time. I will definitely be watching for your rides.

  146. Joe Martin - E-Mail: jman7659@grandecom.net - Euless, TX, Metro Phone 817-643-0149 - Until recent years I rode a wedgie while living in Denton, TX. Now on my TE Clone am retired and can ride most of the time in Irving & HEB area. Photos of my recumbent are on our Yahoo group site.

  147. Chuck Mason - E-Mail: CMASON1@vastar.com - Houston, TX; 281-584-6541(work), 281-578-1351(home) - Ryan Vanguard - married and two kids, Jessica and Curt

  148. Greg Mason - E-Mail: gcmj@ntws.net - Decatur, TX; 940-627-3197 - BikeE XL AT since 7/98.

  149. Harry Mathewson - E-Mail: hairyone45@yahoo.com - Oak Point, TX - Vision VR-40 OSS, recent purchase. Love this bike! Am riding in Lone Star Ride Fighting AIDS.

  150. Bob McClure, Jr - E-Mail: bob@bobcatos.com - Cumby, TX, 903-994-2823; Home page - Rotator Pursuit with yellow fairing. Burley Canto is for sale.

  151. Mike McDaniel - E-Mail: timbre@digitex.net - Joshua, TX; 817-641-4719, - Retired police officer/current high school English teacher. I was attacked by a crazed lawyer and his family and received a neck injury, so I've been riding a Lightning P-38 since 1994 and would never go back to a wedgie.

  152. Landon McDowell - Mesquite, TX - full suspension ATP Vision R42

  153. Lana McGehee - E-Mail: paraglid@ntws.net - Runaway Bay, TX; 940-575-4492, - Just bought (3-24-01) a BikeE E2. This is our first recumbent and our first tandem. Looking forward to the learning curve, and the much needed exercise. Hope to be able to do some group rides.

  154. Mike McGehee - E-Mail: paraglid@ntws.net - Runaway Bay, TX; 940-575-4492, - See Lana's comments, above.

  155. Mike McGrew - E-Mail: mmcgrew@mail.txed.net - Simms (near Texarkana), TX - Haluzak Horizon. Converted to recumbency after seeing comfortable 'bents at the '98 TX Chainring Challenge.

  156. Mac McQuilkin - E-Mail: gospicker@yahoo.com - Eastland, TX; - I built my Tour Easy when Gardner Martin was selling the plans back in '86, and I am fixin' to rebuild it again and get back in the wind.

  157. Rick Meisch - E-Mail: rmeisch@flashcom.net - Ft. Worth, TX - BikeE RX, Giant European equipped cross-bike.

  158. Debbie Merrelll - E-Mail: merrell.debbie@gmail.com - Dallas, TX - Catrike Dash, Catbike Musashi, Felt roadbike, Trek mountain bike.

  159. Mark Metcalf - E-Mail: marmet55@hotmail.com - Fort Worth/Park Glen, TX, 817-498-7054 - Rans Velocity Squared and a GT Cirque Wedgie. Recreational distance rider, 12-16 mph, 40-60 miles. Looking to do my first century in 2002. New to recumbents, but bicycling recreationally since I was a kid (Sting Rays, 10 speeds, Hybrids). Ride some evenings and weekends.

  160. Mark Milam, D.D.S. - E-Mail: justdoit27@sprintmail.com - Lafayette, LA, 318-984-9885 - 99 Rans Stratus. Daughter Sara (also listed below) has 99 Bike E. Mom and Dad each have 99 Tailwinds.

  161. Sara Milam - E-Mail: justdoit27@sprintmail.com - Lafayette, LA, 318-984-9885 - 99 Bike E. Daughter of Mark, above.

  162. Bill Miller - E-Mail: billmiller@bbnow.net - Houston, TX, 281-639-9665 - Rans V2 & Tailwind. Riding recumbents for 2 years, after a heart by-pass. Ride 50 to 70 miles per week.

  163. Terry Millican - E-Mail: fmiengr@flash.net - Rowlett, TX, 214-503-0555, 214-616-2662 - ATP Vision R-45, SWB, USS Full Suspension.

  164. Madelene Minyard - E-Mail: maddiek@coolaccess.net - Greenville, TX, 903-455-3864 - Catrike Pocket; LOVE IT! Brand new to bents (June '05)

  165. Brian and Ginger Moore - E-Mail: brianmoore@suddenlink.net - Oak Point, TX 75068, 817-907-6497 - Two Catrike Explorers

  166. John Morris - E-Mail: mor_rich@att.net - Fort Worth, TX, 817-292-6776; - Greenspeed GTO Trike, BikeE. We sometimes organize rides geared for the slower riders who like to get out and enjoy nature and take the back (sometimes dirt) roads. We have marvelous adventures. If you would like to be informed of our rides just email me, and I will add you to our list. Let's Ride!

  167. Judi Morris - E-Mail: mor_rich@att.net - Fort Worth, TX, 817-292-6776; - Greenspeed GTO Trike (we think the trikes are the most fun we've ever had on bikes), BikeE. Also, see comment on John's listing, above.

  168. Steve Nabors - E-Mail: naborssm@attbi.com - Allen, TX, 972-390-2785 - WizWheelz Trike, Burley HepCat

  169. Jerry Neely - E-Mail: Jerry@Neely.org - Richardson, TX - Lightning P38

  170. Bob Niles - E-Mail: bniles@msn.com - Plano, TX 75093, 972-867-6864. - Lightning Phantom, purchased 4/04. My first recumbent. Looking for 30 plus mile rides mainly early Saturday & Sunday.

  171. Terri Noble - E-Mail: t.k.noble@sbcglobal.net - Garland, TX, 214-394-4603. - Catrike 700. Rode 6 of the 7 days of Ragbrai 2011 on a Catrike Road I had then.

  172. John Nowell - E-Mail: jnowell@nt.com - Arlington, TX - Haluzak Custom Hybrid Race, SWB, ASS

  173. Paul Paden - E-Mail: paul.paden@lmco.com - Grand Prairie, TX - 1996 Tour Easy and 1995 Ryan Duplex ("gee, that's a LOT of wheelbase"). Commutes to work regularly on the Tour Easy; wife is rear admiral and favorite stoker on the Duplex.

  174. Ron Page - E-Mail: ronpage25@netzero.net - Garland, TX - 5 homebuilts so far: LWB USS, LWB OSS (20x26), CL/SWB OSS (20x26), moving BB FWD (27x27), and 26x26 FWD moving BB Shrike. Currently riding bargain-basement Trek R200 (and I like the darn thing, even if it does look like a bazooka on wheels). Plan to retire summer '02 and I anticipate my mileage going up a bunch.

  175. Tom Parker - E-Mail: fiddle@onramp.net - Dallas, TX, 214-321-8587 - Vision R50 with front and rear suspension.

  176. George and Pauline Patterson - E-Mail: pagepatt@yahoo.com - Dallas, TX - After a lifetime of wedgies, George got a CycleGenius 6/03 at age 68 and stored the Trek 1100. He and Pauline courted on a Santana, married 6 years ago, got a Co-Motion, have ridden MS150's and tandem rallies. Switching happily now to a Rans Screamer tandem, and looking forward to cycling into the 70's and beyond, around White Rock Lake and wherever the road takes us.

  177. *Kevin Pierce - E-Mail: imbent2@airmail.net - Allen, TX -Voice (972) 918-5023 - Home Page - Bent rider Since: 1/96 - Bent: ATP Vision R44 with Zzipper fairing - 16"X26" wheels USS Sachs 3X7 - Wish I had: Full fairing (R44) and a Zephyr trike. - RCN Cover to cover reader

  178. Terrie Preskitt - Email: tmusesop@yahoo.com - Rowlett, TX, - Had not ridden a bike in 30 years, and purchased a used Sun EZ-3 USX in April '05 and love it! Am in my late 40's, and working up my endurance, but enjoy more leisurely sightseeing rides in the 10-20 mile range.

  179. Ken Pruitt - E-Mail: KAndJPruitt@aol.com - 3709 Commonwealth, Garland, TX; 972-271-7860 - 49 years young. Just bought Trek200. Have half bult USS SWB in pieces in my garage - need ideas! Retired Raleigh wedgie colecting dust. Would like to ride with any one interested in short rides in Garland or surounding area.

  180. Nelson Ralls - E-Mail: kwijybow@comcast.net - Plano, TX, 972-747-9425 - Commute to work daily on a Rans Stratus.

  181. Robert Ramirez - E-Mail: robertramirez@verizon.net - Irving, Tx, 972-438-1520 - Just bought (Sep 05) a used Stealth and will soon add saddlebags for commuting to work as a high school Spanish teacher and for longer tours when vacations arrive. Also riding a build for speed Trek 5900 and a steel clunker Miyata fixed gear. Look forward to specific r/bent outings with other lowriders.

  182. Michael Rathbun - E-Mail: bent.rocket@HONet.com - Frisco, TX; (972) 335-3336 - Rans Rocket

  183. Chris Rauls - Vision R-40

  184. Wes Redus - E-Mail: reduswd@koyote.com - Greenville, TX - "Terrible Teal" Vision R-40 SWB USS.

  185. Al Rehder - E-Mail: rehderal@home.com - Richardson, TX, 972-699-9149 - Earthcycles Dragonflyer with disc brakes. Just got it in October and rode it in the Texas AIDS Ride Houston to Dallas in 4 days 325 miles. I love it and now have one on order for my wife Gwen.

  186. Brad Rehor - E-Mail: BRehor3177@aol.com - Fort Worth, TX - Rans V-Rex

  187. Ellen and Steve Reisman - E-Mail: - 4705 Barwick Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76132, 817-361-7532 - Ellen: I am the bent owner but my husband has ridden it much more than I have. He's still working on me as a cyclist. Steve and I have been married for 2 years and are the proud parents of Sarah (mine), Rebecca (mine), Rena (his) and Lindsay (his). The younger two live with us full time and ride with Dad as much as possible. We are also the proud grandparents of b/g twins that will start going out when the weather is warm enough now that they are old enough. The family that rolls together stays together could be said but the problem there is that one of them is always a bit bent.

  188. Summer Richards - E-Mail: smrk@home.com - Garland, TX - I have a BikeE and love it.

  189. Charles Richardson - E-Mail: flashee@earthlink.net - Richardson, TX - Quetzal Q-105.

  190. Rea Richardson - E-Mail: rearich@flash.net - Garland, TX - recent proud owner of my first "bent", an aqua '98 Vision R-40 SWB with under-seat steering......I LOVE IT!

  191. Paul Rider - E-Mail: afchap@gmail.com - Livingston, TX address but travel fulltime in motorhome. See more here. - Gecko SWB ASS, Catrike Expedition, formerly had RANS V2 faired and RANS Tailwind faired. I started riding bents in 1998. I carry my bents in my minivan behind the motorhome and look for rides wherever I go, and am especially interested in good safe rides in North Texas as I normally spend 2+ months in the DFW area every year.

  192. Carolyn Roberson - E-Mail: robersoncarolyn@yahoo.com - P.O. Box 1176, Ruston, LA, 71273, 318-254-2983 - I travel to Dallas to visit brother (in Arlington) & sister (Cedar Hill). I have been riding a road bike for approximately 4 years and recently bought an EZ-1 SC Lite and am luvin' it. I am smitten with my bent named "Kudzu". Explanation upon request.

  193. Paul Roebuck - E-Mail: paul.roebuck@verizon.net - Plano, TX, 214-417-3150. - Recently acquired TerraTrike Rambler, enjoy leisurely rides less than 20 miles, less than 15 mph. Got for exercise. Looking for other Recumbent Trike friends in Allen, Plano, Frisco areas.

  194. Mike Robinson - E-Mail: mrob19@attbi.com - Grand Prairie, TX; 972-642-9952 - Brand new Rans Stratus XL, Green with windshield.

  195. John Sadowski - Email: jcsadowski@aol.com, - Richardson, Texas; Phone (972) 238-9826, home page: http://members.aol.com/bikesnews - Vison R-44 suspended with 63 gears.

  196. Dave Schlewitz - E-Mail: romans678@yahoo.com - 806-662-1456 - Have a Vanguard Long Bike. Longest ride: from Amarillo to Florence, OR.

  197. Paul Schulze - E-Mail: schulze@physics.acu.edu - Abilene, TX, 915-677-1680 - Vision R45S with full suspension. Used to be a Cat 3 USCF racer, but grandfather time has turned me into an R-Benter, and I love it. Riding 5-6K mi/yr.

  198. Von Setzler - E-Mail: gyrovon@yahoo.com - Caddo Mills, TX, 972-995-2393 - 2000 Rans Vivo (6/07), 2000 Lightning Thunderbolt (7/07). New to bent world as of June 07, but enjoying every minute of the new experience. Bye Bye to the painful DF bikes for me.

  199. Chuck Seviek - E-Mail: Chuck_Seviek@amrcorp.com - Ft. Worth, TX - Voice (817) 589-1595 - Homebuilt SWB ASS

  200. Jim Shipp - E-mail: jim.k.shipp@bankofamerica.com - Fort Worth, TX - Tour Easy

  201. Don Shirley - E-Mail: don_shirley@pagenet.com - Vision R-42

  202. Debbie Siegmund - E-Mail: dsiegmund@home.com - Midland, Texas - 1998 Ryan Duplex tandem, 2001 Bike-E FX.

  203. Eric Siegmund - E-Mail: esiegmu@home.com - Midland, Texas - 1998 Ryan Duplex tandem, 1999 Easy Racer Black Gold GRR.

  204. Elwood Smith - E-Mail: ssprint@vvm.com - 1-254-773-7391 - Temple, TX - Been a bent rider since 1983! Won first place in the HPV division of the 1st Spenco 500. Ride a full faired Trike made in Colorado. (have had it so long I forget the name). About to start construction on a LWB bent.

  205. Michael Smith - E-Mail: radfahrer42@hotmail.com - Corinth, TX, 940-497-0929 - Burley Django & Koosah.

  206. Owen Smith - E-Mail: sostime@mindspring.com - Dallas, TX, 214-398-6896 - Vision R-42 SWB Full suspension

  207. Mark Snasel - E-Mail: snazytexan@hotmail.com - Dallas, TX, 972-896-4602 - Vision R-65

  208. Daniel Sopko - E-Mail: dan2sopko@hotmail.com - 4859 Cedar Springs Rd #254, Dallas TX 75219, 214-563-2207, - I owned a BikeE for years. Recently bought a Burley Canto (LWB). I have been a bicycle commuter (i.e. no car) since 1991.

  209. Don Stamper - Denton, TX - Bent: Stealth

  210. Brad Stephens - E-Mail: stephens501@classicnet.net - Forney, TX, 972-816-8582 (mobile), - Black Vision R-55

  211. Sam Street - E-Mail: smstreet8@gmail.com - Rule, TX, 940-923-7731 - 2010 Bacchetta Carbon Aero 2.0

  212. Bill Sutton - E-Mail: bills@ktvt.com - Arlington, TX - Voice (817) 496-7711 - ATP Vision R-40 SWB USS

  213. Steve Switzer - E-Mail: sgswitz@swbell.net - Mesquite, TX - Voice 972-613-6032 - Lightning P-38.

  214. Roy Tamir - E-Mail: Roy.Tamir@FriendlyRobotics.com - Coppell, TX - Ride a self-made long wheel base recumbent since 1996 and will never ride a regular bike again.

  215. Michael Teese - E-Mail: Mjteese@gmail.com - Allen, TX - ICE Adventure RS

  216. Jean-Pierre (John) Tornai - E-Mail: jtornai@airmail.net - Corsicana, TX 903-872-9358 - 2001 Rans Vivo.

  217. Ray Torrey - E-Mail: bikerteam@msn.com - Flower Mound, TX, 817-975-8638, - Bacchetta Aero

  218. James G. Vernon - E-Mail: AlloyMouse@aol.com - Flower Mound, TX - Greenspeed 20/20 Trike.

  219. Roy Vickers - E-Mail: rvickers@HobbsBondedFibers.com - Eddy, TX, 254-859-3567; - Tour Easy, BikeE

  220. John Walsh - E-Mail: JWalsh6337@aol.com - 4324 Thorp Lane, Keller (Fort Worth), TX. 76248; 817-741-5563 - Rans Stratus. Enjoy Rail Trails around the country.

  221. Sheila Walsh - E-Mail: JWalsh6337@aol.com - 4324 Thorp Lane, Keller (Fort Worth), TX. 76248; 817-741-5563 - BikeE. Enjoy Rail Trails around the country.

  222. David Wasserman - E-Mail: dcw@airmail.net - Dallas, TX - Voice 214-342-0807 - Easy Racers black Gold Rush Replica.

  223. Martha Wasserman - E-Mail: dcw@airmail.net - Dallas, TX - Voice 214-342-0807 - Red Rans Tailwind.

  224. Steve Weisberg - E-Mail: steve@steveweisberg.net - Palmer, TX; 214-497-5907. - Just bought my first bent 8/29/08. Catrike 700. Rode 70 miles 1st 2 days. In love with it!

  225. Ron Wenner - E-Mail: rwenner@yahoo.com - I have a like new (< 100 miles) bikeE I would like to sell. My wife just didn't get into it.

  226. Roy L "Mudd" Williams - E-Mail: rlwakamudd@iianet.net - Ashland, MO, which is in the center of the state halfway between Jefferson City and Columbia on hwy 63. 573-657-2234 (home) 573-239-8531 (cell) - I am new to recumbents and now own a Cycle Genius(CLWB) and a Sun USX3. I've had the CG a couple of months but long enough to wear out one set of tires already. I just got the USX a couple of weeks ago. I know that both brands aren't the "high dollar" variety but I still love them both. I am gathering parts to build 3 more bents, the Koolcat(swb), a TE clone(lwb), and a duplicate of the CG Phoenix(trike).

  227. Don Willson - E-Mail: dwillson@airmail.net - Richardson, TX 75080-3711- Voice (972) 690-9898 - FAX (972) 889-9898 - ATP Vision R-40 LWB USS recumbent - Cannondale H600 Hybrid wedgie.

  228. Roland Whitsitt - E-Mail: n5vwn@tisd.net - Port Lavaca, TX - Linear CLWB USS Zzipper fairing. I'm all by myself down here. If you're in the area look me up for a ride. My 'bent dedicated website

  229. Jeffrey Weiss - E-Mail: jmweiss@ix.netcom.com

  230. Ken Wilson - E-Mail: Trikebent@aol.com - Tyler, TX, 903-376-5877 - I own my 3rd recumbent. My second recumbent was an Easy Racer GRR built for speed, but I sold it and ordered an Easy Racer Fold Rush with suspension and build for comfort. I am working on a prototype trike with 2 rear wheels with the tires only 7 inches appart. It will have dual independent suspension to allow for leaning into corners. I will use my Fold Rush for the prototype, but I have designed a composite frame for the final project that will be belt driven with a Rohloff Speedhub 14 instead of chains and derailleurs. I completed the Hotter 'N Hell 100 last month and want to ride more and more!

  231. Barry Wood - E-Mail: brrywood@yahoo.com - Euless, TX, 817-545-6824, - Rans V2 Formula 26

  232. George Wood - E-Mail: GPWisme@cyberramp.net - Plano, TX, 972-424-1412 - Vision R-40 LWB, ASS.

  233. Charlie Wright - E-Mail: cwright@avanticorp.com Home page - Lake Highlands area of Dallas, TX - Vision R-42 SWB USS. I train mostly at odd hours, e.g. 6:00AM during the week, 8:00AM on weekends, due to commitments of a young family.

  234. Brett Young - E-Mail: ez3usx@gmail.com - Clovis, CA; - EZ3 USX Trike; web site; Love my new Trike!!!

  235. Butch Youngblood - E-Mail: byoungblood@meisel.com - Mesquite, TX - ATP Vision R-45 SWB USS.

  236. Russell Zech - E-Mail: rzech@learnfac.com - Houston, TX - 1999 BikeE CT; Learned to ride a bike late at age ten and have always had one since. Started doing century rides on a Myata hybrid wedgie in 1994. I have been bent since 1999. I have 8,000 miles on my BikeE. Rode 2,800 miles last year. Currently in the market for a LWB Infinity if I can find one.
    I am a member of Team Bent in Houston. We ride weakly (sic) from March through December. I have ridden the Hotter N Hell six times. Four times on a recumbent. I avg. about 13-14 mph on my rides.

* Rode in historic 1st. ride. Bob rode with his wife.

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