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RBENT E-Mail List Information

A subscription-based e-mail list dedicated to Recumbent cycling in the North Texas area.

To subscribe (or unsubscribe) go to the RBENT Mailing List information page.

If you ever need to get in contact with the owner of the list, (if you have trouble unsubscribing, or have questions about the list itself) send email to the mailing list owner . This is the general rule for most mailing lists when you need to contact a human.


This list is meant to discuss, exchange information and have questions and/or problems resolved that directly relate to Recumbent Cycling in the North Texas area, and the day-to-day business of the RBENT Cycling club. This includes:

  • Announcements of rides, scheduled or unscheduled operating in the area defined above.
  • Changes in road conditions or laws relating to HPV travel.
  • Announcements of new bike shops, especially those catering to recumbents.
  • Announcement of the demise of former bike shops. (Anyone can handle this, but don't dwell on the departed.)
  • Issues pertaining to HPV travel in the area, touring places to visit. etc.
  • Questions from individuals about HPV subjects.
  • Answers from individuals about HPV subjects.
  • Announcements of new family members. ("I just got a new bike and it's cool!")
  • Discussion of wide-reaching events in the HPV industry which have a direct impact on the majority of the readers of this list.
  • Technical papers, reports and other materials of interest to a significant number of the readers. Move drifting discussions to another place with the use of the Followup-To: header.
  • Surveys or other one-time solicitation of opinion by various individuals on topics DIRECTLY related to HPV in the areas defined above. Repeated/recurring solicitation by the same person or same entity on the same subject is not acceptable.
  • Organizations or individuals posting queries that are to be used by the press in any form must clearly declare this use of the responses gathered CLEARLY. No undercover news reporters looking for a story.
  • No publishing of quotes without prior permission.
  • Announcements of meetings, demonstrations, projects, forums and other activity directly related to HPVs in the areas defined above. This also includes summaries or reviews of meetings/events from the same types of groups.
  • RBENT Club business.

Area of Coverage

The RBENT list is a mailing list for discussions directly related rides, products and subjects of Human Powered Vehicles (HPVs) by geographic proximity to the participants. This is an rough extended region which includes the North Central Texas area, roughly encompassing an area including the Louisiana and Oklahoma borders to Eastland TX to the west and Hillsboro TX to the south.

By definition, this includes Wichita Falls, Archer City, Graham, Breckenridge, Eastland, Stephenville, Glen Rose, Cleburne, Hillsboro, Corsicana, Athens, Jacksonville, Henderson, Joaquin, and all cities in Texas north or east of the listed cities. This includes the Fort Worth and Dallas metropolitan area.

All that said, if you are outside our area, we will happily welcome you if you are interested in recumbent goings-on in North Texas.

Crossposting Guidelines

  • Crossposting to other lists should be used only when absolutely necessary, and before a reply is made to an ongoing discussion, the poster should check and eliminate any unnecessary groups that the thread is being cross-posted to and think twice before adding additional list. The poster should also consider whether another list is more appropriate for the discussion as it stands now, and forward the discussion there through the use of Followup-To: headers.
  • Even if subject that is being discussed serves other areas, outside regional groups should not be added to the discussion on a "FYI" or "maximum coverage" basis.
  • Other regional lists should be added ONLY if that area is directly and immediately affected by the issue under discussion. See the examples below.
  • Cross-post to USENET (not HPV-specific) newsgroups only if: The group is relevant to *this* post, not what the thread was about in earlier posts. The people in the other group will just be coming in on the discussion, so there should be a really good reason for adding them in.

Article Format

  • Articles posted to the list MUST be flat-ASCII. This means:
    • No Binary postings, uuencoded or base64.
    • No MIME encoded messages. Posts SHOULD be readable by the simplest text-only newsreader.
    • No HTML, although HTML-like emoticons are acceptable.
    • No characters with a value greater than 127 in any part of the post.
  • Posts MUST be shorter than 40K in size. That's the limit imposed by the mailing list software, and that's reasonable. Longer items SHOULD be made available for FTP or HTTP download and a pointer to that file posted.
  • Posts MUST contain a valid From address, unless the ".invalid" domain is used (see RFC 1036). Spam blocks are acceptable. By definition mailing lists are a limited subscription broadcast medium. If you have a post that needs to be anonymous, it is not a valid topic for this list. Post this material elsewhere.
  • ROT13 encoding SHOULD not be used on any field in the headers. Nor should any attempts, except minimal spam blocks, be made to obscure the origins of the posting.

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