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Bent Sources in the North Texas Area

Recumbent bikes are not yet mainstream (and may never), but most DFW area bike shops can work on them even if they don't sell them, but, in fact, many bike shops do sell them now.

We've come a long way, baby.


The local dealer is the next place to go after you have done your homework on the internet. Find out what kind of bike you want by clicking on our "manufacturer" link, then call one of these local dealers to see if you can test drive one or have one ordered.

If any of these descriptions are incorrect or out of date, please let me know.

  • Easy Street Recumbents is located in Austin and has 20 years of focusing on recumbents. Contact them at 512-453-0438 or by email.
  • Micah Simmons manages Easy Street Recumbents North Texas in Keller, 15 miles northeast of Fort Worth. ESR is a Catrike Concept dealer, A TerraTrike Platinum dealer, and the exclusive Texas dealer for AZUB. Micah also has Lightning, Bacchetta and Sun. The shop has a secluded test ride area and is directly on the beautiful Little Bear Creek trail, which connects to the Cotton Belt trail for long, stress-free test rides. Delivery service is also available.
  • Richardson Bike Mart (972) 231-3993 Richardson Bike Mart is probably the largest dealer of recumbents in the area. Definitely check these guys out. Last I checked they carried: Lightning, Sun, and Catrike.
  • John Paulus owns John's Trikes & Bikes in Lancaster, about 15 miles due south of downtown Dallas. John's Trikes & Bikes is a Terra Trike "Premier Dealer", a Catrike dealer, a RANS dealer, and a Sun dealer. They are heavily service-oriented, and have worked on a wide range of bents (2-wheel and trikes) in addition to those they sell. John, in fact, rides a RANS Stratus XP.
  • Plano Cycling and Fitness. (972) 423-4130 This shop carries recumbents made by Bacchetta, Rans, and Sun.
  • B&B Bicycles - 900 W. Jefferson Blvd. Dallas, TX 75208 (214) 943-3662
  • Bicycles Inc - Arlington Stocks a moderate variety of bents and can order most any.
  • Fort Worth Cycling and Fitness - Fort Worth - Keeps one or two trikes in stock. Not very bent knowledgeable.
  • Bike Rack - Granbury - Owner commutes on a recumbent, can order several and stocks a trike or two. (Link on that page is dead.)

Fairings & Materials


  • Coroplast Inc. 4501 Spring Valley Rd., Dallas TX 75244
  • Regal Plastics. 9200 N Royal Ln, Irving, TX 75063, (800) 441-1553
  • Cadillac Plastic, 1400 Henderson Street, Fort Worth, TX 76102 (817) 332-4421
  • Cartwright Signs, 2631 South Garland Avenue, Garland, TX 75041 (972) 278-8976

PVC Pipe:

  • Home Depot
  • Lowe's
  • Nearly any hardware store

Trainers, Flags, Parts, and other Goodies


A good source for the Texas flags many of us fly from our bike poles: Betsy Ross Flag Girls, Inc., (214-328-3524) 11005 Garland Rd. They cost $5 per flag, 16x11 1/2 inches. Buyers must go to the back of the building and ring the bell at the window, and someone will assist you. These woman in the back have sold so many flags to cyclists that they will know what you're talking about if you provide the correct size and cost.

The flag that flies best in the wind is the lighter weight flag without the metal-covered holes at the edge. To glue this flag to your pole, use clear household cement. Run the glue down the edge of the navy blue portion of the flag next to the star. Remember, the white portion of the flag goes at the top. Press the glue-edge onto the pole, and then, using dark thread, stitch through the flag and around the pole the length of the flag. Let this dry overnight. The flag will stick to the pole like a burr on a dog.

Recumbent-Friendly Shops

These guys don't stock recumbents yet, but they aren't afraid to work on them, and seem downright curious about the bent you bring in for service or upgrades.

Send us links of any that you know.

If you know of any cycle shops in the North Texas area that sell recumbents, build recumbent frames, components or do painting or service, or if you know of any recumbent-hostile, or recumbent-friendly shops, send the information to webmaster@rbent.net.

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