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Recumbent-Bike Enthusiasts of North Texas

R-BENT is a group of recumbent cycle riders in Texas. We collect no dues. We hold no formal meetings. We just ride. We also discuss our rides and recumbent cycling on our e-mail discussion list and forum. Ride times and places are announced on the email list. You traditional cyclists are always welcome, but remember, once you've gone 'bent, you'll never wanna go upright again!


Q. Is this related to rbent.org I see on some jerseys?

A. Yes, it is the same. I won't bore you with the details, but our original rbent.org web server crashed, and the administrator of the server and owner of the rbent.org domain disappeared. I'm in the web design and web hosting business, and I had copies of some of the original RBENT material, so I registered rbent.net and reconstituted most of the site on one of my servers. When the rbent.org domain name expires, I plan to re-acquire it. Unfortunately, it's currently owned by a scumbag who wants a large sum of money for the domain name. I hope he and that domain will be very happy together.

RBENT Main Page

Mailing list

We have an RBENT mailing list. You can join by going to the information page for it.

RBENT forum

Bud Baker has set up a forum for RBENT discussions. It's pretty active. Check it out.

Rides and Rallies

One of our RBENT "greybeards", John Sadowski, has an excellent web site that includes a well-maintained calendar of organized bike Rides in the general vicinity of North Texas, organized by month. It's the best such list on the web (and we've looked everywhere!) It includes links to rally web sites, reviews and much more.

RBENT Apparel

Cafe Press has RBENT Logo T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Mugs, Tote Bags, and a whole lot more. Tell 'em the R-Dude sent you!

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